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Serviced Apartments for Sports Events

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Have you ever considered taking in a sporting event like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup or the Commonwealth Games only to be put off by the cost of hotels? (You might even have your own tournament or competition you are performing in!) You wouldn’t be alone if you had, but did you stop to consider the option of renting a serviced apartment for the duration of your trip?

Serviced apartments, whilst still very cost effective for short breaks, really come into their own when you are looking for a longer term stay. With excellent discounts available to those who wish to book for a lengthier spell, they are a fantastic alternative. On top of which, you get the added bonus of that home from home feel that is so lacking in a hotel.

As sporting events are social too, it’s highly likely that you’ll be travelling with family, friends or both so why not take advantage of the extra space that you get with a serviced apartment. Instead of being split up between hotels, or at best between rooms, with your own apartment you can spend all the time you want together. With fully fitted kitchens, you can fit your dining times around the sporting events without the uncertainty of missing a meal back at the hotel. Plus, should any of your travelling party have any special dietary needs, you won’t need to worry as you have the ability to prepare all of your own food if you so desire. This can prove invaluable if you are travelling with fussy youngsters!

Athletes themselves often use serviced apartments when travelling to tournaments away from their home cities. They get all of the privacy they require without the hassle of crowded hotels. So, why not take a leaf out of their book and check out a serviced apartment the next time you travel to a major sporting event.