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Serviced Apartments & Luxury Flats to Rent in Hemel Hempstead

Serviced apartments are perfect for your social needs

Evans Wharf

Serviced apartments aren’t simply a great idea for business people. Increasingly families and friends

are opting for apartments over hotel rooms for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious attraction for families is the space and comfort a serviced apartment offers;

staying in a hotel room with young children often necessitates parents having to go to bed at the

same time as their offspring or if they do stay up having to turn down lights and televisions.

With a serviced apartment children can be comfortably tucked up in their own bedroom whilst mum

and dad enjoy relaxing in the lounge with its TV and internet services.

Alternatively they can enjoy a meal and bottle of wine rustled up in the fully fitted kitchen.  An

apartment provides plenty of space which is a definite plus when travelling with children and all the

kit that entails. The extra space is also welcome at the end of a busy day with everybody having

room to relax and recharge their batteries.

Having a “home from home” is an attractive proposition not only when travelling with the family but

also when visiting family members. Rather than imposing on relatives or staying in a bland hotel

room a luxury serviced apartment is an ideal alternative. It is particularly beneficial when visiting

relatives in hospital or care homes; meals can be taken at any time of day or night and between

hospital visits guests can relax and enjoy all the facilities.

Groups of friends can also benefit from renting a serviced apartment rather than hotel rooms. For

starters it is far more sociable with everybody in the same apartment rather than in individual hotel

rooms. It also normally works out a lot cheaper to rent and guests can also save money on eating

out; the kitchen and sitting areas are perfect for enjoying a meal or take-out.