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Serviced Apartments & Luxury Flats to Rent in Hemel Hempstead

Make your Serviced Apartment feel like home

Lounge/ Diner of 2 bed serviced apartment to rent in Hemel Hempstead

Whether your stay is long or short, whether staying alone, having a romantic break, visiting friends or holidaying with family, sometimes all you want are a little privacy and a space to call your own.

Serviced apartments offer you so much more that a hotel, not just one room but multiple rooms; your own living room, bedroom, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen to do whatever you like – more of that later.

No need to wake up at the crack of dawn for hotel breakfast times. You can eat what you want and when you want. You can come and go as you please when staying in a serviced apartment, you can really start to feel like a local and explore the area. You are not confined to one room or to staying in someone’s home but rather, you are enjoying your own temporary residence and place to call home.

Furnish it like home

Whether it’s your favourite family photo or some artwork that you have become rather fond of feel free to bring it with you and add it to your bedside table. You will be surprised how much difference having some familiar faces around will make to how you feel. Next time you are packing for a long trip don’t forget to add a selection of snaps to your suitcase too.

Don’t shy away from the chores!

You may think when you are away you wouldn’t want to be spending your time on tasks like doing the laundry or cooking but sometimes this is the perfect way to make you feel at home. Nobody likes doing the washing up so there is a dishwasher to take care of the dirty dishes! In your serviced apartment you have your own fully fitted kitchen with an integrated fridge/freezer, cooker and microwave, so there’s nothing stopping you channelling your inner Nigella or easily sticking to a healthy eating plan, it’s up to you.

Don’t forget your home comforts

Don’t leave your all-time favourite cushion and comfiest blanket at home and bring your bedside alarm clock to make your bedroom feel like your own too. Having your own serviced apartment means you have the privacy and space to spread out and make every room feel like home.

It’s ok to have some ‘me’ time

You might be missing family and friends if your stay is an extended one but what a great opportunity to do exactly what you want!

One of the perks of a serviced apartment is your own living room with Sky+ TV and it’s left up to you to decide what to do in the evenings! That’s right – no more arguing over the remote control or trying to relax while the children are squabbling. Just because you are away from home it does not mean you need to miss any of the TV shows that you like to watch; after a hard day at work sit back, relax and spend your time however you would like to, even order in a takeaway if you fancy it.

If you’re reluctant to break your exercise routines when you’re away from home and you’re after something more active, the additional privacy and space of a living room gives you your own personal exercise space. Just pop your yoga mat or exercise gear in your suitcase before you leave home.

It’s our apartment but it’s your space! Relax, enjoy and feel at home!