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Industry Award for Abodebed

Press Release 29 January 2019

Abodebed Town Centre Serviced Apartments were delighted to receive a Guest Review Award from Booking.com for their recently launched Oval View Apartments. Located adjacent to the KD Tower in the town centre, these newly built, modern and spacious apartments have been an instant hit with guests.

In the letter accompanying the award, from James Waters, Vice President of Partner and Customer Services, Booking.com, he said “your property review score is one of the highest on Booking.com. That’s why we are honoured to present you with the 2018 Booking.com Guest Review Award.”

Martin Fieldman, Managing Director, Abodebed Ltd said “This award is a recognition of the very hard work of the Abodebed team in ensuring that our apartments and service consistently meet and exceed guest expectations.”

For details of their accommodations solutions, please visit www.abodebed.com