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Hemel Hempstead, the Place to do Business

Hemel Hempstead Centre

Situated in the East of England, Hemel Hempstead has fantastic travel links to the rest of the country making it a prime location for business meetings. Only 26 miles from the centre of London and with excellent road, rail and air links it’s easy to see why Hemel Hempstead is fast becoming the place to do business.

As an ideal location for your next business gathering, the most frequently asked question is ‘Where can I hold my meetings?’ Hemel Hempstead has this covered with a variety of local hotels offering meeting room services along with a dedicated 16-acre business park that can provide meeting rooms.

Venue sizes range from ‘one on one’ meeting rooms, up to conference spaces that are capable of comfortably accommodating up to 90 delegates at a time, giving you the flexibility to hold the size of meeting that best suits your needs.

Another key decision when choosing a meeting room venue is cost. With industry leaders operating all of the major venues in Hemel Hempstead, competition is high so you can rest assured that hiring one of the towns many meeting rooms will not break the bank, no matter how many delegates you wish to invite.

As well as this, Hemel Hempstead’s major meeting room venues come with all of the basic and modern amenities that you would expect to find anywhere. Plus, with ample parking offered, you can be sure that all of your delegates will be relaxed and ready for work from the moment that they arrive.

With all of the aforementioned qualities taken into consideration, it’s easy to see why Hemel Hempstead is now firmly on the business map.

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