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Serviced Apartments & Luxury Flats to Rent in Hemel Hempstead

5 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment

Lounge/ Diner of 2 Bed Serviced Apartment Penthouse to rent in Hemel Hempstead

Many people overlook the huge benefits that can be found by renting a serviced apartment as opposed to booking a hotel. Whether you intend to stay for a short spell or a longer period of time, serviced apartments may well be the alternative you are looking for.

Here are five of the key benefits to renting one of our serviced apartments:


Possibly the biggest upside to renting a serviced apartment is their convenience, offering you the chance to move straight in and feel at home without the hassle of moving bulky belongings. We also provide twice weekly housekeeping and onsite parking.


Fully furnished, they offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere that many hotel rooms lack. The ability to eat what you want, when you want to, is not to be underestimated either. Our well-equipped kitchens offer you the flexibility that a hotel room simply cannot provide.

Value for Money

A popular misconception is that serviced apartments are unaffordable but this really isn’t the case. Serviced apartments offer fantastic value, especially for those wishing to take advantage of our discounts for longer terms, and with the ability to cook for yourself you can keep restaurant bills down to a minimum too.


Anyone who has ever stayed in a cramped hotel room for longer than a couple of days will tell you how important space is. With a serviced apartment you can use the extra space to your advantage, keeping your working life and downtime separate, vital to those who want to improve productivity during their stay.


Twice weekly housekeeping is enough to keep everything spick and span without the hassle of a daily intrusion.

Add to all this the fact that our apartments are only 30mins from London and 15mins from Luton Airport, there really is no reason why your next stay shouldn’t be with us. Check out our latest serviced apartments in Hemel Hempstead and book today.